World's #1 Anti-Aging Detoxifier With Microcurrent EMS Technology.

Deep Cleansing | Lifting | Anti-Aging

Belluna™ is a powerful anti-aging detoxifier that remove impurities clogged in pores, improve lymphatic drainage & collagen regeneration. Keeping skin 10x more youthful, radiant and plumper.

Unlike the other regular method that cause irritation, Belluna™ emits high frequency vibration at 30,000 Hz per second, cleanse and pump skin without enlarging pores and causing discomfort .

Belluna™ technology is widely used by professional facial spa and has been one of the most popular treatment among all for years. 







Unclogged Pores & Enhance Nutrient Absorption

Belluna™ emits 30,000 hz ultrasonic frequency eliminates dead skin while cleansing deeply into your pores to remove toxin and impurities like blackhead, whitehead, milia and make up residue that caused clogged pores. Remove dead skin without irritating and enlarging pores.

Ion ultrasonic binds with positive ions on the skin to restore moisture and enhance nutrient absorption 10x better.

Achieve better result with lesser amount of skincare product.

  • Deep Cleansing - Removes blackheads, whiteheads, makeup residue
  • Unclogged Pores - Removes toxin & impurities
  • Gentle Exfoliation - Removes dead skin without skin irritation

Lifting & Boost Collagen Regeneration

Belluna™ patented EMS microcurrent pulse technology activates cell vitality, reduce fine lines, lighten scars, boost collagen regeneration, and help restore skin elasticity. 

  • Lifts & Boost Collagen Regeneration - Reactivates skin vitality to promote rejuvenation;
    reducing fine lines, restore skin elasticity
  • Minimize pores appearance - Restore skin moisture, reduce appearance of pores


Belluna is a revolutionary beauty gadget combining the ancient Japanese GuaSha with modern ultrasonic & EMS microcurrent technology to detox and rejuvenate your skin. It was founded by Dr. Nakamura & Dr. Tanaka, two prominent dermatologist scientists who have spent the past 20 years on discovering non-invasive treatment to improve skin complexion, resulting in more youthful looking.

Deep Cleansing Mode:

  • Damp skin surface with water or mist to start with.
  • Position down at a 30 degree angle, glide across the skin.
  • Pay special attention to area like forehead, nose and chin.
  • Gently wash and pat dry skin surface and proceed with your daily skincare with prime cleaned skin. 

EMS Infusion Mode:

  • Apply your favorite serum or cream. Do not rub it into the skin.
  • Turn on Belluna and press on power button to switch to EMS mode.
  • Gently place flat side of spatula onto the skin and slowly glide products on skin in upward motion.
    *it's normal to feel light pulsing of ultrasonic waves patting your serum deeply into skin.
  • Repeat the process again until products are fully absorbed.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is when sound is used at a high frequency, usually above 30,000hz which causes dirt and dust to be removed from the surface that it was vibrating on. Commonly used in labs to clean utensils, the same methods can be used to clean the surface of the face as well by concentrating the vibrations to a stainless steel plate and gently rubbing across the face.

Normal Cleaning vs Ultrasonic Cleaning

While normal regular cleaning is cleaning the surface of skin, Ultrasonic cleaning goes a step further by cleaning on a microscopic level. The added benefit from using Belluna is that it provides an EMS Stimulation that helps to prepare the skin for better absorption of nutrients from facial products and helps restore the skins natural moisturization through ionic charge.


World's #1 Anti-Aging Detoxifier With Microcurrent EMS Technology.


Color: White
Charging Current: 300mAh
Working Current: 500mAh
Output Voltage: 300V
EMS Voltage: 50V
Static Current: 30uA
Rated Power: 1.5W
Battery Type: Built-in Rechargeable 3.7V 500mAh Battery
Power Supply: USB Charging

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What People Say About Belluna

Clogged Pores Are Cleared! I'm Amazed!

I’ve had blackheads and clogged pores all my high school life which I’ve been wanted to get rid of so badly and this product does the trick! I can see impurities and makeup residue every time! Highly recommend it!


Lesser Fine Lines & Even Skin Tone!

I have watched a celebrity who is using this product. I got envy with her skin and so I have to give this a try. And yes it never let me down. My fine lines visibly faded and even pores has tighten after 2 weeks of use! Going to get one for my daughter too.


It makes my skin more supple and soft.

I was hesitant to get this at first, Saw good reviews, So I decided to give it a try. And yeah, thankful that I did. It makes my skin more supple and soft even. I use this after my moisturizer, and it gives the best status of my skin after.. you can really see and feel the huge effect of skincare routing with this and without..very true to its claim!




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